What is Afterburn Training?

Afterburn Training GraphAfterburn training is a very popular term used by fitness trainers these days.  Afterburn training has become one of the most popular weight loss secrets in the fitness community.  The concept refers to post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).   EPOC is a phenomenon that can be explained by elevated level of metabolism after intense physical exercise.  To understand the theory we must first look at the scientific evidence.

What is Afterburn Effect? : The Scientific Explanation

Our bodies metabolic system is closely related to the physical activities we preform.  The connection between them associates aerobic and anaerobic to respiration.   Respiration is when our bodies cells consume oxygen from blood molecules and burn the food components (mainly glucose) to produce energy.

When a person undergoes vigorous physical activities, the cells produce energy at higher rates.  Increased production of energy requires consumption of more oxygen.  More oxygen results in more oxidation and burning of calories.  After physical exercise, our respiration system carries more energy and hence huge amount of calories are burnt after that.  Intense activities associate greater afterburn effect which ultimately helps in losing weight.

Afterburn Training: How to Enhance Afterburn Effects

Interval training method: the method involves a course of high intensity physical activity followed by a period of rest before another similar intense repetition. If a person runs at the highest possible speed for 10 to 15 seconds and then takes rest for 3 to 5 seconds before another sprint phase, it results into massive afterburn effect. Jump squats, regular cardio exercises, skipping exercises and burpees are considered as ideal activities for afterburn training.

Circuit repetition training method: this method involves creating a circuit of several types of exercises. You can incorporate both traditional and non-traditional exercises to prepare a complete circuit. This method helps you indulge and activate different system in your body. Frequent changes in the actions lead to massive metabolic outbursts and cause desired afterburn effects. This is a very popular afterburn training strategy as it is suitable for beginners as well as the advanced participants.

Heavy resistance approach: This method is suitable as a weekly addon to your regular exercising routine. This afterburn training method refers to intense weight lifting activities. You will need to pump the weights intensely to burn calories faster. You should choose medium resistance weights first and gradually move towards heavier masses.  Ideal routine recommends 3 to 8 repetitions in 3 sets per week. This afterburn training also results in massive  afterburn effects.

Afterburn Training Concerns and Warnings

Overly intense approaches can be dangerous for the beginners. Unsuitable methods or intensities may result into stress, strain, muscular injuries to the participant. You should consult with an expert physical trainer in this regard.

You may opt for enhancing the level of intensities. But you must pay attention to proper spacing between the levels. You have to get a proper workout plan to enhance the intensity and effect without causing any damage to yourself.

Take sufficient rest and optimize the nutritional balance inside your body. Before and after workout sessions, you should consider taking rest for a while. At the same time, you should prepare a calorie chart to maintain an optimal nutritional status in your body.

Afterburn training is certainly an effective approach towards losing weight. However, it’s important to design and schedule the workout sessions properly. Also, the course of action should be balanced with the nutritional requirements and food intakes. Consult an expert physical trainer and learn how to opt for the procedure for safer, better and more effective results.