Bodybuilding Supplements Guide

Bodybuilding Supplements GuideThere’s a wide range of bodybuilding supplements that you can find in any nutrition store or online. With so many available, you might be confused on which one to buy.  But, it will all depend on what you want to achieve with the supplements. With all these bodybuilding supplements, a lot of them can help you, but some of them are just down right garbage.  That’s why I’ve created this bodybuilding supplements guide to assist you.

What you need to know is that muscles are not built by supplements only.  However, these supplements can assist you in building your muscles within a shorter period of time.  Muscular development is highly increased by these bodybuilding supplements by decreasing the amount of recovery time needed.  If you have lost some muscle mass, these supplements can help you gain it back and at the same time allow growth of new muscle. Some of the best bodybuilding supplements to take include creatine, proteins, and multivitamins.


For bodybuilders, whey protein is the most preferred supplement. The component in protein that increase your muscles are the amino acids.  Therefore, you should always choose a supplement or a diet that has a high content of protein.  It is recommended you take in 2 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight.  

Protein is available in bars and powder form. Contents such as whey, milk (casein) and eggs (albumin) proteins should be contained in these protein supplements. This is because whey, milk and egg proteins have a great amino acid complex.  Egg and milk proteins will also give you an extended release of amino acids.


Apart from whey, creatine reduces the time you require for the muscle recovery.   It also allows more water into your muscles causing an increase in muscle mass. Your muscle pumps will also be increased with creatine.  However, creation requires a period of at least a week so as to load into your muscle. Always follow the prescribed use of creatine based on the manufacturer.  For effective loading of creatine, alternate with a few weeks off and a few weeks of use.


For those who do not consume enough vitamins and minerals from their normal diet, multivitamin supplements are available to boost the diet. It works great if a busy schedule forces you to eat an unbalanced meal. Developing a habit of using vitamin supplements will definitely get you what your body needs.


A lot of commitment and exercise is needed if you really want good results. Even though it is not absolutely needed, bodybuilding supplements can help fill in deficiencies in your diet. Bodybuilding supplements are key to getting you results faster and speeding muscle recovery.

Muscle building supplements can be bought locally but online purchases are more advantageous in getting the best deals. Manufacturers and brands such as Muscle Tech, BSN, Gaspari Nutrition and Optimum Nutrition are some of the best producers to choose from. Give supplements a try if you are after building muscle mass more quickly.