Monster Mass by Mike Chang

Monster Mass by Mike Chang
Monster Mass by Mike Chang is perfect for the health conscious who are drooling over a buffed and ripped body.  But, it is not for the faint at heart.

The man behind the program (and Six Pack Shortcuts), Mike Chang,  gave away a warning: do not sign up if Monster Mass is too much for you to handle. Let this be a heads up to those people who can dip their toes on the water but are not brave enough to plunge in.



This is a program designed for skinny or averagely sized men who want to get more muscles in their sleeves. It involves intense workouts patterned after a proven effective muscle building set of techniques dubbed as Monster Sets.

Monster Mass includes a couple of exercise sets which are carried about at an intensity that can put opposing muscle groups to work—simultaneously. If you think this is difficult, your guess is not wrong.

But the results make everything worth the difficulty.

Here’s how it works: The scientifically proven “Monster Set” can develop greater muscular mass as it increases blood flow in the muscles during the workout. The scientifically tested evidences support the effectiveness of this technique for faster muscle growth.


Monster Mass Workout Videos
These include 8 Step-by-Step Workout Videos to get you JACKED:

  • Mass Chest & Back
  • Mass Biceps & Triceps
  • Mass Shoulders and Traps
  • Mass Legs
  • Monster Chest & Back
  • Monster Biceps & Triceps
  • Monster Shoulders & Traps
  • Monster Legs

What you need:

Minimum Equipment:

  • Dumbbells
  • Workout Ball
  • Resistance Band

Additional Recommended (Not Required) Equipment:

  • Pull-Up Bar
  • Adjustable Bench
  • EZ Curl Bar

On the right of this page are some links to some recommended equipement from Amazon.  I’ve done all the research on this equipment and have found the ones that have the best “bang for your buck” (highest rated at the lowest price).

How Long Until You See Results From Monster Mass?

This is one interesting fact about Monster Mass by Mike Chang: it may be intense, but it allows you to have a ripped body in a shorter span of time. Plus, the workouts are relatively shorter than a regular exercise routine.

Mike Chang devised the program with two back to back sets. This means that you can perform twice as many routines compared to an ordinary workout in the same amount of time. In as little as thirty to forty five minutes, you can do killer muscle building – without even stressing over going to the gym everyday.

The truth is, many people refuse to pay for expensive membership fees and for the gas needed to travel back and forth from the gym. This is why Monster Mass was built to be suitable for home exercises. All you need is a little of dedication and simple workout equipment.

Is Monster Mass by Mike Chang Safe?

Definitely! The program was meticulously created based on extensive research and Mike Chang’s years of experience in training clients. You are guaranteed to maximize the benefits from the Monster set.

But here is one minor drawback: the program is NOT for everyone. Certain body types may not be suitable for the exercise sets. Bigger and overweight men may find the workout too intense.

In this note, feel free to take the qualification test to see if Monster Mass is right for you.

Conclusion to Monster Mass by Mike Chang

It is imperative to remember that the exercise is just a part of the picture. It takes discipline, right diet, and mindset to maintain your hard-earned muscles. 

Should you find the program incompatible to your lifestyle, Mike offers a money back guarantee. If you don’t see results after the 60-day trial, and you can get back what you paid for—in full amount.

Does it get any better than this?

Monster Mass Testimonials


  1. Monster Mass for me is like a Gym Bible.. Its perfect for skinny and lean personalities like me..Will definitely go for this.:-)

    • Rob Lewis says:

      Totally agreed!! This is one of the only muscle building programs that can put on serious muscle mass fast. Its great for skinny guys because not only do you get the workouts but you also get the Monster Mass eating guide too. I always recommend that only buy a workout program if there is solid diet plan that comes with it.

  2. Great post Mike… Your blog is fantastic and i must admit that i m attracted towards your Monster body building program.. Thanks for sharing this..!

    • Rob Lewis says:

      Thank you for your comment Jack. I’m glad that I could provide some information on Monster Mass. Its a great program and is what I have been using for the last 3 months. The Monster Reps in the program are the key to putting on muscle mass and Monster Eating Guide is a perfect guide for beginners

  3. I’m thinking of getting this programme for my boyfriend. He’s small but not exactly skinny. OK, he has a bit of a belly! Would you recommend this for him, Rob? I noticed that Hunter T and Adam A both have, um, some softness in the stomach area.

    • Rob Lewis says:

      It really all depends on what your goals are. If your looking to pack on a lot of muscle mass then the Monster Mass workout program is for you. If your looking to slim down and gain a little muscle mass then I would recommend the Six Pack Shortcuts workout program.

      The Six Pack Shortcuts program uses the afterburn effect and the Zero Willpower diet plan to torch body fat. On the other hand, Monster Mass uses the principals of Monster Sets and a higher calorie diet plan to pack on muscle mass.

      To make a long story short, it all depends on your goals. I hope that answers your question.

      • Hi, Rob! Thanks for your reply. It really clears things up for me. Question, though, For someone who’s a bit out of shape and chubby :-) would your recommend this: First do Six Packs Shortcut to slim down, then later Monster Mass to bulk up? What are your thoughts on doing these 2 programs one after the other?

        • Rob Lewis says:

          It all depends. I would suggest doing the Six Pack Shortcuts program first (unless you already have defined abs) and then Monster Mass. Six Pack Shortcuts will help you get in peak physical condition so you can preform the Monster Mass program efficiently.

          To simplify, if you want to get a ripped body and six pack abs, get Six Pack Shortcuts. If you want to put on a lot of muscle mass, get Monster Mass. If you have any other questions go to the contact us page or send an email to and we can discuss things further.

  4. Alan Mclain says:

    This program looks good but I am hesitant. I am a basketball player. Gaining muscle is important to do in conjunction with speed and fundamentals training but it just seems like it focuses more on the upper body and all his programs are simply marketed for people whose only purpose is to look good. I don’t want to become stiff and vain, I want to be a better hooper.
    Dont get me wrong, his stuff is awesome. I have the normal program and the insane home fat loss is basically on par with Shaun Ts insanity. I just need to know how to cater this more to a basketball player (maybe add 2 more leg days). What should I do? How can I adjust this or supplement it effectively with other things? I am not a beginner so I can handle the intensity of almost anything, I can have successfully mastered all of Shaun Ts programs (Insanity asylum V1 and 2), and p90x is completely soft and easy.

    • Rob Lewis says:

      It sounds like you have built up some great endurance if you can get through the P90X program with ease. With that said, lets focus on Monster Mass. Like you have said this program is specifically tailored to building muscle. It may seem like the program is for people who want to look good, but if you look good muscularly then its going to naturally give you strength. As far as the leg workouts, they are really on par with any strength training program. The program does a good job of incorporating a solid leg regiment to build not only muscle but also strength. And yes, you can tailor the program if you would like to focus on legs. I would suggest plyometrics (jump training) in conjunction with this program.

      You will also get a month free of advanced fitness coaching where Mike and his team will help you through email with any questions. They can aid you in the question of how to supplement this with other activities.

      I believe that this program can really help you with basketball. A common misconception of weight lifting and muscle building is that you are going to make you stiff and lose flexibility. If that was the case then you wouldn’t see any NBA players strength training. For example, think about Lebron James and Blake Griffin. Why are they so good? Because they are stronger than most other NBA players. Gaining mass and strength is going to help you absorb contact, muscle out other players on the boards, and play better defense.

      I hoped this answered your question. If you have any other questions send me an email at so we can set up a skype or google+ video chat.



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