Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts

Mike Chang Six Pack ShortcutsEvery man yearns for the perfect six pack definition and muscular physique, but this is always easier said than done. Over the years, thousands of quick fix solutions have been concocted but most of them have been dropped along the way as fads.

However, contemporary knowledge and technology has lead to development of effective methods and one of the most popular one today is the afterburn effect whose proponents have inundated the internet and other information sources.

One of the leading contemporary proponents of this workout method is Mike Chang who has developed the popular Six Pack Shortcuts based on afterburn effect and the Monster Mass muscle building program . However, before you even start searching for the Mike Chang Bio there are some key components of the training program that you need to appreciate.

Six Pack Short Cuts – The Beginning

Like most men, Mike Chang was desperate to have the ideal body and the epitome of this is obviously a well curved six-pack. This was not easy and after hundreds of hours training on the treadmill, trying workout fads endorsed by celebrities and fancy diets,

Mike had nothing to show for all the energy expended and the pain that came with it. Back in 2005-2006, the frustrated guy had to seek the help of some mentors including Zach who was a professional trainer for celebrities, athletes among others.

The insight gained from Zach and other mentors transformed Mike’s life; it was easier to have a positive outlook to life, a better body image and in general, life became easier to handle; after all, women were getting awed by the precise and well toned guy and could not conceptualize that this was the former guy with a wobbly and sagging tummy a few months earlier.

How does Mike’s life changing experience relate to you? After obtaining the world acclaimed ISSA Personal Trainer Certification, it was time to share the knowledge with the rest of the world and this is how Mike became one of the most recognized trainers and the creator of the Six-Pack short cuts. Through innovative videos, the training regime became an instant hit with over 400,000 people watching them and even more downloading them.

Analyzing Mike Chang’s Short Cut to Perfect Abs

The short cut recommended by Mike Chang is not a miracle pill like many other fads in the market. In fact, it is a natural combination of dieting and exercising to give you a holistic ripped body and abs definitions.

The twin component of the short cut is that it helps you to lose your belly fat fast and thus attain the desired abs definition. The whole idea revolves around losing your belly fat to ensure the abs are visible. However, the paradigm shift in Mike’s short cuts to abs is based on the fact that you can only lose belly fat if you expend more calories than you consume. As such, the focus is not on the calories burnt during a workout but 48 hours after the workout.

In essence, you need to appreciate that your body is thrown into shambles during training and hence, the period after a workout is crucial in repairing muscles and tissues and this helps to burn more calories. These calories produce what is called the after burn effect or Exercise Post-Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) which is the core of Mike Chang’s training program.

Every Mike Chang Bio review is cognizant of the fact that research findings comparing the effectiveness of after burn effect to other exercise regimes indicate it is far much efficient. Calories burnt through afterburn (EPOC) are far much higher than during exercise but the catch is in the details; if you do not use the right after burn exercises, these results will not be achieved. Through these exercises, your body will be forced to burn the body fat because you are also reducing your calories consumption.

Maximizing of Afterburn Training

Through short cut abs videos and other resources, you will learn to differentiate which exercise maximize the after burn effect so as to apply them. You will be surprised to learn popular exercises such as body building and pushups among others are poor in maximizing calories burning after workouts.

Some of the main component variables that can help optimize your training include resistance, rest, intensity and repetition. So, if you really want to lose your belly fat and gain back your self-esteem through well tones abs, why not try Mike’s amazingly fast methods? After all, you can watch free introductions about Mike Chang Bio and learn the basics on creating perfect abs.